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Student Rents by UK Region

by Joe Green

Average student rents can vary greatly across the UK. The National Student Accommodation Survey 2019 finds the student rent across the UK to be £125 – or £6,500 a year (based on a 52 week contract). However some students pay rent much higher than this. 

The survey finds that the university where students pay the highest rent is the London School of Economics and Political Science where the average rent is £219 per week – £94 higher than the UK average. Whereas students at the University of the Highlands and Islands are found to pay the lowest rent in the UK at £75 – 40% lower than average.

£104 – Yorkshire

With a large student population in cities such as Leeds, Sheffield and York, the average student rent in this region is £104 per week. This is £7 a week lower than it was in the previous academic year.

£110 – Scotland and the East Midlands

Both Scotland and the East Midlands have average rent rates of £110 per week. Both of these regions have experienced rent decreases from the previous year as accommodation providers and landlords recognise the demand from students in cities such as Nottingham, Leicester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

£111 – North East

With the quickly increasing numbers of students located in Newcastle at Newcastle University and Northumbria University, student rents are increasing. In 2019 the average was £111, £6 more per week than the previous year. Newcastle has one of the highest rates of student housing in the country, yet demand still has not been met.

£111 – North West

The popular universities in the cities of Manchester and Liverpool ensure a steady flow of students. Cities with high demand and limited scope for development result in rental growth. Rising from £106 per week in 2018 to £112 in 2019 student rent still remain below the UK average by up to £676 per year.

£120 – Wales

With universities in Cardiff, Swansea and Bangor, Wales attracts a significant number of students every year. Development of student beds in this region has been strong and has resulted in falling rents. 2019 rates were on average £2 lower than 2018.

£141 – South East

Investment into cities such as Brighton, has resulted in lowering rent rates. At £141, the south east has experienced a fall of £4 per week from the previous year.

£142 – East

The university cities of Cambridge and Lincoln, and with the growing popularity of Norwich based institutions, attracts a large number of students per year. At an average of £142 per week, dropping from £150 in 2018, accommodation in this region is £17 per week more than the UK average.

£161 – London

Unsurprisingly, the capital city provides the most unaffordable accommodations. At an average of £161 per week it is £36 per week – or £1,872 a year – higher than average. As a city with one of the highest concentrations of universities, with 40, and the largest student populations in the country, approaching 500,000, demand for accommodation is high. Paired with the limited development scope in the city centre, rents are high and will likely remain there.


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