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Highest rates of student housing across the UK

by Joe Green

Across the UK, there are certain cities which have higher rates of student housing. Cities with popular universities and large student numbers will often foster higher rates of student houses, as supply meets demand. Across England, in 2018 there were 201,484 student properties, this does not include private student halls and university residences. Using this figure, 1 out of every 121 homes is a student only property. However, student houses occur much more frequently in some UK cities.


Plymouth has a student housing rate of 1 in every 35 properties. 3,463 student houses are currently in the city, and it is a figure that has fallen by 162 from the previous year. 25,000 students call the city home and have led to a very high rate of student housing. However, it still does not hold the highest rate in Devon.


The popular student city of Liverpool currently has a student housing concentration rate of 1 in 21 homes. Student only properties have almost doubled since 2009, with now 10,851 within the city, 800 more than the previous year.


Leicester has the next highest rate of student housing in the UK, with 1 in every 16 properties is a student only home. Latest figures show that there are 8,439 student houses in the city for almost 50,000 students at the two universities. As with other cities, numbers of student properties have almost doubled since 2009.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

At a close second, Newcastle’s rate of 1 in every 15 properties being a student house. Since 2001, the city has experienced an increase of 20,000 students to the current total of almost 50,000 at two universities. At last count, there were 8,822 student houses in the city, 31% higher than the previous year.


With a rate almost 10 times higher than the national average, Exeter and Nottingham are currently the UK cities with the highest rates of student housing. 1 in every 14 homes is a student property. There are around 65,000 students in Nottingham, making up 15% of the population. There are 9,629 student houses in Nottingham, 2,500 more than the previous year. The prospect of further growth in the city is good, as both universities plan on increasing student numbers, particularly from abroad.


Whilst the close to 25,000 students at the University of Exeter has led to 4,120 student houses within the city, a figure which has tripled since 2009.

Across the cities which hold the highest rates of student housing, the majority have experienced increasing numbers of student properties, but also falling numbers of student halls. This reflects the nation as a whole, as students move away from halls towards the generally more affordable accommodation provided by private landlords. 


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